SABI pumps main fields of application are:

•    Oil & Gas industry
•    chemical, petrochemical and refining industries
•    steel industry
•    food industry
•    cosmetic industry
•    texitile and paper industries
•    power generation industry

Poumping systems for process and industrial devices
sabi pompe industria pertrolifera

It’s our core business since 1997, we supply metering (API 675) and reciprocating (API 674) pumps to major companies in the sector both nationally and internationally. SABI is qualify in major international vendor list.

sabi pompe industria chimica

We can provide all our products both as loose pumps or complete package, special pumps for high temperatures> 300 ° C and low NPSH. SABI can supply a large range of accessory.

sabi pompe industria siderurgica

Supply of both loose triplex pumps for new and revamping of descaling systems but also full of water high pressure pumping systems for descaling ramps for billets.

sabi pompe industria alimentare

We can provide both dosing and triplex pumps in the industrial and dosing process but also of high-pressure atomization> 300 Barg as for example in the caramel.

sabi pompe industria cosmetica

Supply of metering pumps also multihead dosing of oils, perfumes, etc, seals and gaskets are compatible with the cosmetic industry